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Recognition of a female face by layering a mesh and reading by scanner. Biometric verifica
Riconoscimento biometrico in Moodle
La certezza del riconoscimento utente
Installation instructions

The Face Recognition plugin for Moodle is a Quiz Acces Rule plugin.


Step 1 - Plugin installation

​Login to Moodle with the admin account and go to Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins.

Upload the zip package and follow the instructions prompted by the Moodle plugin installer.

Note: make sure that the {moodle_dir}/mod/quiz/accessrule folder is writable by the webserver. In case it is not you must change its permissions using your server platform appropriate command.

Step 2 - Plugin configuration

After the installation the plugin needs to be configured with your personal Abaco Technology biometric API access keys.

Go to Site Administration -> Plugin -> Activity Modules -> Quiz -> Face Recognition Access Rule and type tour personal access keys:

Step 3 - Adding the face recognition function to a quiz

To add the face recognition function to a quiz, go to the quiz settings form and check the Face recognition checkbox in the Extra restrictions on attempts section:

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