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Plugin for automatically transforming videos into trackable SCORM packages
Without using (and paying for) external tools

The AutoScorm plugin for Moodle allows you to automatically transform any video (or audio) into a SCORM package which can track the use of the content.

The AutoScorm plugin for Moodle therefore makes the use of expensive external tools superfluous for the simple purpose of tracking the actual view of a video by users.


The typical use scenario of the plugin is one in which you have educational material in video format.

In this case, the standard functionality of Moodle does not allow you to track the actual completion of the visualization by users, unless you create a SCORM package using an external tool.

With the AutoScorm plugin for Moodle this step is completely automated.


To use the AutoScorm plugin for Moodle, simply upload the video or audio files to a specific repository (AutoScorm repository).

Uploading can take place via ftp/sftp or via a very simple drag and drop.

Once loaded, the audio or video files will automatically appear in the package selection window, in the configuration form of a new SCORM module.

The transformation from a simple video or audio file to a SCORM package will be carried out directly by the plugin, without the need for any intervention.


  • Supported Moodle version: Moodle 4.1 or higher

  • Supported audio/video files: mp4, mov, webm, ogg, mpg, mp3

  • SCORM tracking (cmi): total time spent, completion status, lesson location

  • After the first completion, the player allows free viewing using the video progress bar (seek)

Click here to download the free version (v 1.0)


How it works
Technical features
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