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Plugins for Moodle

The deep knowledge of the Moodle's architecture and code led us to create a set of plugins that can help to imporve some important aspects of the courses and users management.

AutoScorm plugin

The AutoScorm plugin for Moodle allows you to automatically transform any video (or audio) into a SCORM package which can track the use of the content.

​The AutoScorm plugin for Moodle therefore makes the use of expensive external tools superfluous for the simple purpose of tracking the actual view of a video by users.

Face recognition plugin


Through dedicated APIs, we are able to provide training institutions that use the Moodle platform with a user recognition system based on biometric data (face recognition).

We have developed a dedicated plugin that implements face recognition functionality during quizzes.​

Seenkit integration plugins

We developed a set of free plugins that allow you to bring the power of Seenkit right in your Moodle installation.

Try the Seenkit Quick Publish plugin to speed up the creation of learning content, or th Seenkit Engage plugin to challenge your students to record their presentations right in Moodle. 

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