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Recognition of a female face by layering a mesh and reading by scanner. Biometric verifica
Biometric recognition in Moodle
The certainty of user recognition

Through dedicated APIs, we are able to provide training institutions that use Moodle platform with a user recognition system based on biometric data (face recognition).

We have developed a dedicated plugin that implements face recognition functionality during Moodle quiz.


User's face recognition guarantees the certainty of authentication in certified training contexts or in all cases in which user recognition is an essential requirement.


The plugin allows you to compare the image taken from the user's webcam, when accessing the quiz, with their profile image.

If the two images portray the same person, access to quiz is authorized.

The plugin continues to monitor the user framed by the webcam even during the execution of the quiz, blocking the execution as soon as it detects a different person.

Users can upload their image directly from the control interface, without therefore having access to the standard profile editing page.

Trial version & PRICEs

The plugin is free, you can download it from this page and install it in your Moodle platform.

The plugin calls the Abaco Technology biometric API using your personal API access keys. You pay for the use of the API.

Each API call is evaluated in credits. For example, a "compare faces" call costs one credit; a "check ID picture" call costs two credits. 

You can buy packets of API credits on our online store.

The cost of a credit ranges beetween about € 0.003 and about € 0.004 based on the number of credits you buy in the single purchase.

The activation of your API access keys is free.

Upon the activation you will receive a free 1000 credit bonus package which will allow you to try the service. Once the first 1000 credits are over, you can decide wether or not to buy more credits.


  • Supported Moodle version: Moodle 4.3 or higher

  • Plugin type: "Quiz Access Rule" plugin

  • The configuration allows you to:

    • Enable/disable continuous checking on the attempt page

    • Set the poll rate during continuous control

    • Request the user to upload images taken from ID only

    • Set the maximum allowed number of consecutive failed checks during the attempt


Step 1

Activate your API access and get your access keys.

Upon the activation you will receive a free 1000 credit bonus package which you can use to test the service.

No commitment: once the 1000 credits are over you can choose to buy further credits or not.

Step 2

Download and install the free plugin. After installation, complete the configuration with your personal API access keys.

How it works
Technical features
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