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Seenkit is the innovative service that allows you to give your e-learning platform an extra functionality: fast simple and inexpensive multimedia contents creation. 
Seenkit is a system that allows you to record presentations or multimedia lessons directly online, which can be immediately published through the HTML 5 player which guarantees maximum compatibility.

Through the API, Seenkit can be integrated into any type of e-learning or corporate platform (company intranet, CRM, etc.). We have already developed the plugin for Moodle.


Allow your teachers to prepare and publish lectures or multimedia presentations for students, independently and in a few clicks, .

Engage students by assigning the making of multimedia presentations as a task.

Create interactive ECM FAD courses for maximum engagement and teaching effectiveness.

Publish multimedia presentations on the company intranet.


Simple: just upload a presentation, an image or a pdf click on the register button and speak.

While recording I am  available the virtual whiteboard tools that allow you to interact with the presentation or with the uploaded image.

The content produced is saved directly online, in the cloud, and is therefore immediately available. No installation is required from users.

​ The service, through the API, can be integrated into any system.  We can make sure that the publication of the recordings takes place exactly where you want, in a few clicks.

Seenkit AND Moodle

Do you use the Moodle platform for online training?

We have developed the plugin to integrate Seenkit functionality and enhance your platform.

About Seenkit
How it works
Seenkit and Moodle
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